Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've miss BASARADAN.COM and i don wanna MISS TIS!!!


Apart of the Nike SB October 2008 Releases, we had a small glimpse of the Nike SB P-Rod II (2) Gucci. Now we have a up close and personal showcasing, and if you were on the fence of purchasing this detailed look can help make your decision.

As you may know, some samples appeared online of another Nike SB dubbed “Gucci”, but it was a Dunk

I tink this "Gucci" SB quite..have no idea how to describe..lolx...
Get it??Yes?No?
As one of the past decade’s most influential skateboard artists, Todd Bratrud has produced thousands of graphics for skate decks as well as for apparel. Todd was also the mind behind their collaborative “Send Help” sneaker alongside Nike SB. Most recently working as a featured Volcom artist this Spring, Todd took his burlesque lizard girl signature style and created new gear as well as an art show. Hooking up with Nike SB, Mr. Bratrud will once again get his own signature designed Dunk High with some familiar colors being showcased.

Nike is scheduled to release this pair of Dunk High SB’s which have been nicknamed Boba Fett. They are inspired by the Star Wars collection, and the fictional character who is actually a bounty killer hired by the Galactic Empire and Jabba the Hutt to track down and capture Han Solo and Chewbacca. This isn’t the first time that Nike has turned to the Star Wars series for inspiration, as a few years back the “Storm Trooper” Dunks were sold exclusively at Foot Action.

This Nike SB dunk pays homage to a famous skate spot in Melbourne called the Flinders Street Station.“I’ll meet you under the clocks” is a saying that as been heard for years in Melbourne. The saying refers to the clocks on this train station, which is at the intersection of two of the city’s busiest thoroughfares.The colors of this SB are inspired by the city of Melbourne, Port Philip Bay, and the Yarra river. A combination of canvas, suede, and mesh materials in a simple colorway like this will definitely be a hot item.

Above are SB release from showroom recently..lucky din get poison-ed.
Pics via ST.

Levi's Fenom Red Package

From what i've heard..this fenom sizing more smaller if compare to previous fenom either gold or white package..washing effect also more into like LVC...
Pre-order price only for RM1750..much cheaper from what i expect


Feeling so addicted to Silly Thing recently..sometimes shit just happen for no reason!!!
Being so damn lazy to update my blog
Slogan from Subcrew to describe ME...final juz around the corner but i din prepared anything.WTF?!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Manchester United!!!

MU new sign player..Berbatov...YOU better score some bloody GOAL !!!

There's a match between Liverpool VS MU tonite.. as usual,my bet goes to MU..